Withstood the breakup and helping others dealing with it

Ankit Anubhav, Founder of Breakuphelpline.com

Ankit Anubhav, Founder of Breakuphelpline.com

Had a breakup, didn’t know what to do. Too many thoughts were on my mind. So I had to work on an idea but nothing was fitting together. In 2011, went to Kalaghoda Festival and there was a book reading session Chocolate Momos and Guitar and in the book there was a mention of Breakuphelpline. And that was the eureka moment and then I have never looked back.” said Ankit Anubhav, Founder of Breakuphelpline.com, while candidly giving information to PlanBmatters.

Breakuphelpline helps people get over bad relationships, gives them a shoulder to supports and shares its third person’s unbiased point of view. The Breakuphelpline team is available for its clients 24x5x365 on whatsapp, phone calls, emails, skype, and even personal meetings.

Based in Orissa, Breakuphelpline was started by Ankit Anubhav in 2012 with an initial investment of mere Rs 6,500 and achieved a revenue of Rs 7 lakh in the first year. Ankit painfully recalls that the biggest difficulty faced was to get the services like online payment gateway facility, service tax registration, and corporate tie-ups. Most of the people felt that his idea was a stupid idea. But later Ankit showed them the numbers, registrations, and media coverages, and they had no way but to accept his unconventional business into their service. He and his team fought with payment gateway providers and service tax professionals for almost 2 years to get a go ahead.

Talking about the Breakuphelpline’s achievements till date it has 50,000+ registrations, 35,000+ interactions with clients in India and abroad, covered in almost 40+ national and international publications, and voted by ‘The Week’ as one of the oddest jobs in India – 2013.

Recalling the entrepreneurial journey till date the start-up’s founder said “It’s been a roller coaster ride. The idea went viral even before the product was ready and while you are handling people’s emotions it was a bigger responsibility on us to service people well.”

The team relies on customer feedback a lot and in the past 2 years, it has changed its website design 8 times to meet the customer’s expectations.

Ankit told us that they don’t have any mentors and many wants to fund only tech ventures which have a non-linear growth. He further adds that very few understand that people make a business when they are happy and his team brings stability to their lives. He accepts that slowly and steadily his team is being accepted into the society and by the Corporates, and he thinks that it’s a huge paradigm shift for his team.

As a symbol of progress, Breakuphelpline is building an app which blocks Exes as past a breakup. In near future the team wants to reach more colleges and conduct Breakup Bootcamps at various places to increase its reach and help people cope up better with rejections. It’s also planning to setting up Breakup Cafe’s – A boutique café to help broken hearts be at peace.

Putting his Relationship Status as Runner, Ankit spends his free time playing badminton, keeping fit, and cooking, etc.

For young startup teams, from his experience, Ankit advises “Just do it, fall, and pick yourselves up. Never let down by anything. Rejection is a part of life and don’t let that affect you. Risk toh Spiderman ko bhi lena padta hai, aap toh firbhi sales man ho

Ankit is one more guy to affirm my firm belief that Ideas are not evaluated independently. They are rated as poor or excellent only after their impeccable execution.

Ankit withstood the breakups in his personal life as well as in his professional life and became a role model for others in both the fields. Hats off to Ankit and his never let down attitude.