We want to inspire people to go out and explore

Alien AdventureAlien Adventure was born to simplify the process involved in finding, deciding, and booking adventure travel and active holidays. They are a web platform (aggregator) for adventure travel.

“The idea is to provide customers a curated and vetted list of adventure travel and sports to spend an active holiday and to simplify the process of payments,” says Ankit, a co-founder. The company was co-founded by Kshaunish and Pallav along with Ankit.

Kshaunish is an alumnus of BITS Pilani, Goa while Ankit and Pallav are alumni from IIT Kanpur. They are all extremely fond of sports and love to travel and explore the outdoors.

This company, started 8 months ago, is currently operating out of India and Netherlands.

Since then, they have gone through a quite a few variations in the design and contacted thousands of operators worldwide.

“Selecting, sorting, and figuring out tie-ups are part of our everyday activities though the part that we enjoy the most are going on trips ourselves and (if possible) vetting the operators,” says Pallav.

They started with a mere investment of INR 3 lakh from their savings and their biggest expenses involved company registration and travel/verification costs. Hiring developers was another thing they spent a lot on since they wanted the best people on board.

We asked Ankit what prompted them to startup, and he said, “Being avid travelers ourselves, we saw a problem waiting to be solved. The travel market is still so wild, that the niche subset of Adventure Travel was bound to be untamed.” Successful startups like Airbnb in the travel market gave them a lot of confidence in their idea.

Their last 2 months have seen revenue of over a lakh and they are yet to break even. They plan to start looking for angel investment in a month’s time.

Alien AdventureAlien Adventure makes it easy to discover content, compare prices & reviews, and book the trip. The best part is that the buyers don’t pay for this. Their target audience is anyone who is adventurous and has an urge to go explore the world. They reach those potential people via Blog, Social Media and Word of Mouth. Since they cater to a very niche market (Adventure Travel), they are not distracted by related markets.

“Our biggest challenge was finding people who have crossed the line from average to great, to join our team. Another thing we faced difficulty with was the Payment Gateway Solutions. International Payment Gateway regulations in India are extremely stringent. Also, extremely limited are the solutions available in India,” says Pallav.

“Getting our first customer was exciting. We did not have a working website that time and it was very reassuring to us,” adds Kshaunish.

They plan to invest more on verification in the coming days. “We try to verify operators ourselves or through first degree connections so that we know the ins and outs of the trip. We face the problems ourselves before our customers have to,” says Pallav.

With plans to enlarge their customer base and give an amazing user experience, they want to become content platform for every adventurous person. They aim to facilitate information and knowledge sharing about the adventure activities to all.

As a message to future entrepreneurs, they say, “Work hard, have fun, and surround yourself with superstars.”