We want to build a world with a better connectivity!

HollerrHollerr lets you make free calls to your friends and family around the world! Unlike other apps it doesn’t need a phone number, no sign-ins/outs, and no requests to add people you know.

Hollerr alleviates the pain of getting in touch with businesses around the world. It’s a better way as opposed to going through yellow directories or other online services to locate businesses and their contact numbers. You can search for people or businesses and make free calls to them. As long as you have an internet connection you can make free calls through Hollerr.

John Zacharia is the founder and CEO. He has worked with telecom industries prior to graduating from Christ University. He also had a short stint as a business manager in a digital marketing company.

Bindesh Vijayan is the co-founder and CTO. He shared the idea of a world with better connectivity. He worked together with John in an organization after which they decided to startup together!

The startup is based out of Bangalore and was started in August 2014. Hollerr is bootstrapped by its founders and the maximum capital went into servers and VOIP infrastructure. They are in talks with leading VC’s for further investment. Despite being a new app in the Internet and telecommunications domain, it got more than 1,500 downloads in 25 days of its launch.

“Hollerr was started with the idea to make communication free and connect people without the necessity of ever having a phone number. We believe people have names and that’s more than enough to find you and get in touch. Soon will come an era where we will no longer use GSM connections/Phone numbers just Hollerr,” says the founder, John.

Their target customers are all those who have a GSM line and business of their own. They reach those target customers mostly by word of mouth and social media marketing. Their potential competition could be thought of as Skype/Viber but they don’t necessarily connect you to businesses and require phone numbers which could be not feasible for businesses.

They plan to invest more into retaining customers and educating businesses about the benefits and cost effectiveness of completely switching to Hollerr. In the long run, they plan to get the world to connect better using Hollerr.

As a message to new entrepreneurs, Bindesh says, ‘There is nobody who can tell you it can’t happen, but you.”

The company is coming up with an updated version of the app where the receiver need not have the app installed but just have an internet connection!