One simple idea led to a $1Mn company

WebKulThe rapid growth of e-commerce industry in India has given opportunity to many web design and services industries. WebKul is one such company started with a little personal money $650 and one simple idea - fill the gap between various open source platforms and what the user wants. Today, WebKul has more than 500 plug-ins, 25,000+ customers, and $1Million revenue to its credit.

WebKul was started in August 2010 by Vipin Sahu, Vinay Yadav, and Prakash Sahu. Vipin and Vinay were roommates and passionate about open source projects. During their college days, they used to develop tiny applications with open source code and put them up in the web. The amazing response received from online users and blogs motivated them to start the firm. Vipin thinks that college is the best time to explore entrepreneur opportunity as they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Vipin and Vinay declined their job offers from multinational companies and chased their dream of starting a company. Their dedication and hard work has paid off.

Recalling the struggle during the initial period, Vipin says that he slept during day and worked at night as they had no extra system to accommodate the intern they hired. They converted hurdles on their path into opportunities. They chose to work on web applications as they could not afford Mac or iPhone to build apps. Company first focused only on Joomla and Magento. Sensing the demand in other platforms, they built the same plug-ins on Prestashop, OpenCart, WordPress, and OpenERP.

According to Vipin, readily available platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento lacked many functional features. For example, Magento is a brilliant system for e-commerce platforms but lacks multi-vendor marketplace solution. WebKul identified those shortfalls and created plug-ins to fill the gap.

WebKulWebKul claims that it’s one of the largest selling marketplaces for open source plug-ins. All the plug-ins listed in WebKul’s store are developed by its in-house team.

WebKul is a bootstrapped venture. Vipin says that it suited them the best as they wanted freedom for experiments. WebKul has grown substantially since inception. It has invested the generated revenue in office space, expand resource-base, and enhancing infrastructure facilities. As of today, the company’s total strength is 40 and growing.

WebKul generates revenue through  sources like selling modules, paid support, and customization of the modules. Approximately 85% of company’s revenue comes from selling modules and the rest 15% comes from support and customization. 95% of company’s revenue comes from global customers.

WebKul is providing very good customer support and takes care of the issues through its ticket system. This reflects from the customer reviews listed on its website. It’s putting constant effort to build more sustainable products. Continuing its success mantra, WebKul plans to develop apps in other platforms and offer more modules in the future.