Fresh Food Delivery in Trains by TravelKhana

TravelKhanaHow many of us pack our meals when we have a train to catch? Several others simply miss their mothers fuss over the meals for the travel journey.

Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and the world’s second largest under one management. Indian Railways runs around 11,000 trains everyday, of which 7,000 are passenger trains. Many of us don’t like the food served by Railways. We now have an option in the form of TravelKhana; We don’t have to eat the pantry food again!

As mentioned on the website, the TravelKhana is described as an automated platform that tracks trains in real time across India and ensures that fresh food is delivered to passengers as per their choice in real time. It also helps vendors and restaurants in terms of effective and efficient fulfillment. Additionally it completes an entire fulfillment cycle right from the point of ordering to delivery, customer feedback, and reconciliation. What is most exciting is that railway passengers are served fresh food thanks to the patented technology behind Travelkhana. It currently operates in 80 cities and rapidly expanding.

Often customers compromise and buy sub-standard food which they never eat at home. After bad experiences of train food, Pushpinder Singh, co-founder and CEO of TravelKhana, identified a gap in the market for hygienically prepared food on train journeys and decided to set up the service. Based in New Delhi, started in 2012 by Duronto Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the company that owns and operates TravelKhana. Singh says he started this venture with an initial personal investment of Rs. 2.2 million ($36,500) with a further funding of Rs. 3.5 million ($58,000) from startup investor Matteo Chiampo, as mentioned in one of the WSJ articles.

ET featured TravelKhana as startup that simplifies our train journey. As reported by ET, it currently delivers about 1000 meals a day across 130+ locations. It caters to about 2,600 trains running across the country since its inception. TravelKhana earns money by charging a commission of about 18-20 percent on every order that is ordered through its platform.

TravelKhana is certainly gaining popularity owing to its on-time and quality delivery. Customers have the choice of booking online or over the phone, and orders are accepted until one hour before the train reaches the station where the food is to be delivered. Since the tracking is done in real time, the food reaches the passengers whenever the train arrives. So even if the train has no pantry car, we get an option of eating hygienic food.