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Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt LtdContact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd was started by a team of “X” generation technology and business professionals who had experienced the Internet and Mobile evolution at professional work and as consumer for the past two decades. They repotted their professional career to solve a meaningful problem and be a change catalyst.

“Practical difficulties in finding an experienced and affordable healthcare service provider” was the major business driver. “And also the health care industry is still too unorganized and provides a lot of growth opportunities,” says the founder.

Started in Aug 2014, ContactDoctor is located in Chennai. Mr. Srikanth M Chellappa is the founder of ContactDoctor. He is a Post Graduate in Computers from University of Madras, 1997. He is an accomplished Innovation Consultant and Delivery Manager with 18+ years of experience in the Internet and Mobile space.

Dr. Priyanka Reddy is a Gold Medalist, Andhra Pradesh Medical Council, 2012. She is a Business Advisor at ContactDoctor and practicing General Physician and Diabetologist.

Mr. Srikanth M Chellappa

Mr. Srikanth M Chellappa, Founder of Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Satisfaction and dreams coming true, freedom to stay innovative and creative, and learning new skills and knowledge made founders starting the firm.

ContactDoctor is an integrated healthcare services platform that provides online video consultation, booking appointments, home healthcare services, health care queries and also door-step services from nearest Pharmacy and Diagnostics labs.

ContactDoctor is aimed at extending medical services/consultation online with primary focus towards under-developed and rural areas that lacks proper healthcare services/facilities.

ContactDoctor has made a noble effort of addressing non-emergency situations where any medical clarification or second opinions on ailments that require advice from expert doctors. This module facilitates posting health queries to the registered specialists by relevant skills and getting a response within 24-36 hours.

By providing reliable professional advice, ContactDoctor frees you from Googling confusions. One can share their medical records online for more accurate diagnosis. They also provide home remedies for simple ailments. Though ContactDoctor is an integrated digital healthcare hybrid platform, it has retained the physical touch nature of the medical industry combined with IT solutions.

The healthcare startup aims to reach growing tech savvy “Y” &”Z” generations in India. Reaching the target audience isn’t always easy. The startup extensively uses social media marketing, b2b channels, road shows, medical camps, flyers, press releases to reach the potential customers.

According to founders, the 3 biggest challenges faced till date are:

1. Managing physical proximity in virtual patient care

2. Patient’s paradigm shift to virtual healthcare

3. Regulatory issues – on-line medicine purchase

Within a short span of time, the startup has reached a milestone of 150+ doctors across 20+ specialties with services available across 30+ locations.

The startup would like to invest more in creating brand name, marketing, and introducing new service models to get closer to the patients.

Reaching out to potential customer segments with the existing service models/channels is the short term plan. Extending the service models/channels and expanding the company’s geographic presence is in the company’s long term agenda.

The precise advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs from the founder of health care startup is to launch and iterate.