eMithilaHaat rejuvenates the mythological art

eMithilaHaatIn today’s world we are adapting to modern culture and technology, and somewhere we are ignoring our invaluable ancient Indian rich heritage and cultural legacy. Realising this Ankit Jha has taken all the efforts to rejuvenate Mithila paintings by founding the ecommerce shop eMithilaHaat.

Mithila paintings are mainly practiced in Mithila region of Bihar state and in some parts of Nepal. Origin of the paintings lies with Ramayana era and Mithila paintings took birth during the marriage of Sita with divine Rama.

eMithilaHaatThe beauty of Mithila painting lies with natural things used for colours. They are completely filled without any space, and this is done by women and girls from the family with no formal training. Just by a glimpse of the painting anybody would say it is a very laborious and skilled task but the more tragic thing is, neither it has a good recognition nor stable income for artists.

Ankit Jha witnessed all the difficulties of this art from the childhood. He hails from Darbhanga, a district in Mithilanchal of the Ramayana. He recollected his childhood memories associated with Mithila paintings and was heartbroken for the plight of artists. He had seen people putting in their soul and heart into these paintings and realized mythological art is vanishing slowly. Finally he endeavoured to make us visualise the era of Ramayana through Mithila paintings to establish eMithilaHaat by giving up his successful IT job. Along with passion, his motto is to ensure a prominent platform to the artists of Mithilanchal, economic empowerment for these industrious artists, and customer satisfaction.

eMithilaHaatAnkit Jha has planned a great mission and vision for eMithilaHaat. Currently his team consists of his partner Gurmeet Singh Ahuja, his father Shree Jitendra Kishore Jha, and his sisters Ankita and Anku. Along with the team he is encouraging Yashoda Foundation (a nonprofit organisation) where more than 25 underprivileged children were trained in Mithila painting during a summer camp.

Presently, he is reaching out to people with deep love and interest in art and he has plans to ship outside India.

Mithila painting has been recognised by government from 1970 and artists have been honored with quite a number of national awards. Japan has devoted a museum for Madhubani paintings but still below are the heartfelt words from Godavari Dutta, a national award winner.

“I don’t think we have anything like this in India yet, which is sad. Because someday our old forms of art may disappear and there is nothing we can do about it unless we make an effort to preserve these now.”

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