DoctorC grows with Lean Startup Philosophy

DoctorC grows with Lean Startup PhilosophyDoctorC was setup by late Dr. Dayakar Reddy with the vision of bringing transparency in the healthcare space. Dr. Reddy was known for testing direct-to-consumer health care initiatives.

DoctorC aims to help people to make educated choices, by organizing local information about health care providers and services.

When co-founders Manya, Neehar, and Mansi moved back from the US in 2013, they decided to modify the current business model to make more convenient for customers. The modified model helped to aggregate high quality centers on one platform, while passing down major savings to customers. Mansi and Neehar later got on Karan, their co-founder from their previous startup Shoutt, to get on board as the CTO.

DoctorC operates in a unique way as it is the only online aggregator in the country that is solely associated with NABL accredited labs. DoctorC provides uncompromised quality to its customers by affiliating with top NABL accredited diagnostic labs across the city. It not only enables consumers to compare prices and quality across various diagnostic centers in the city but also provides 15-50% discounted rates for appointments booked through DoctorC.

Additionally, DoctorC uses core technological strength to help healthcare providers to make data driven business decisions and get closer to the needs of their customers. It also focuses on customer service by maintaining records, sharing reminders, and providing a hassle free experience.

Co-founders for DoctorC: Neehar Cherabuddi, Mansi Gandhi, Karan Kurani, Manya Cherabuddi

Co-founders for DoctorC: Neehar Cherabuddi, Mansi Gandhi, Karan Kurani, Manya Cherabuddi

Neehar Cherabuddi, CEO & Co-Founder, is a techie and has graduated from Brown University with a Masters in Computer Science. He is passionate about bringing wonderful experiences to people.

Mansi Gandhi, COO & Co-Founder, did her Masters in Computer Science at Cornell University. She plays multiple roles in her ventures.

Neehar and Mansi have worked in Oracle Inc for 4 years before moving to India. Both have also co-founded two tech startups Shoutt and Sleepyhead LLP.

Karan Kurani, CTO & Co-Founder, has done MEng at Cornell University and worked as an early engineer at Funzio, where he built and scaled the analytics system.

Manya Cherabuddi, Head of Sales & Customer Service & Co-Founder, is passionate about bringing the best in design, technology, and business to Indian healthcare.

DoctorC was recently launched in Bangalore and planning to launch in a third city by early next year. It was operational in Hyderabad from the beginning and is looking forward to new cities and eventually, across India.

The young company has witnessed 30% month on month growth and has secured seed round funding of Rs. 2.5crores from various investors.

Advising the aspiring entrepreneurs, co-founders say that Speed is essential to the success of any company, more so for a startup. Use lean startup methodologies to create speed and momentum as you grow.