We are confident that Voteran will become the name for politics

VoteranKnowingly or unknowingly, everyone is involved in politics. There are many people who stand for a particular view or political parties in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., but their friends hesitate to like or share the political content since it is meant for friends networking. Users cannot connect politically on such platforms.

Voteran is a social networking portal based on Politics. The Nirbhaya Incident in 2012 triggered the thinking process for Voteran. Comments and posts were spread across all the social media sites but there was a lack of organization to those activities in such portals.

“Even if I post such content in Facebook or Twitter, my friends will not like or share it. That is when I started thinking about an exclusive political networking platform,” says the founder Gokuldas.

The startup is based in Kochi and the portal was launched in November 2014 with a mere capital of INR 4 Lakh. Voteran is basically a political LinkedIn (political networking portal). In Voteran.com, you can find ‘politically’ likeminded people, connect with them, create parties, post your views, support or oppose others views, and unite for any social cause.

VoteranGokuldas Menon holds an MS from State University of NY, Buffalo USA. With more than 10 years of experience in business management, he started ventures like Good Afternoon Lunch (Dabbawallah’s of Kochi), Comet Broadcast – WhatsApp Radio before Voteran.

On the platform, users can:

1)      Create Parties: There are many known and unknown leaders around us. This is platform for them to come up with their ideology and create their parties. The parties will be in proposed stage until it gets support from 30 users to make it active.

2)      Follow a party: The users can either follow a party, or can stay neutral, and peep-in to other parties to see what is happening.

3)      Make political connections: Users can connect with members of the same parties or other parties using the connect feature.

4)      Post political views: Users can post their political views.

5)      Support or oppose views:  A view can be supported or opposed. If opposed, a new post will be created which is connected to the original post and will trigger a voting based on the ‘support’ each post gets.

Voteran has got a steady traction so far, more than 3,000 people joined in a month, users created more than 10 parties, including BJP, Congress, Indian Youth Congress, Emerging Leaders Party, All India Women Safety Party, etc.

“Our target audience is basically politicians, activists, and those who take interest in this field,” says Vivek Anand, who heads the development.

VoteranThe company aims to invest more on giving excellent experience to the users; that includes UI/UX, customer support, innovation, and marketing. They have a mobile app launch scheduled for March 2015 and look to reach more than 20,000 people soon.

Sam John, the head of operations says,

Social media has started influencing the political scenario in a big way. It has also started influencing people for their voting decisions. Voteran will make it simple for citizens to connect politically and make right decisions, join right activities, etc.