Patience and Team-work Pays Off

Province Community College

He had to face many difficulties to get organized as many things take time. He faced financial issues initially to market the courses they offered. He later faced the issues of trainers & faculties not being loyal, punctual, and consistent in their performance. Many of the team members left them half way and joined other organizations. The biggest challenge was competition, … [Read more...]

India’s First Driving School Booking Portal Launched


4th Dymension Teknocrats has launched - India’s first driving school booking site, as described by the proud founders of the startup. The portal connects the people looking to learn driving with the driving schools in their locality.DriveKool looks at solving the problems of both Users and Driving Schools. DriveKool helps users in finding a credible driving s … [Read more...]

Faircent a fair market place for Lending and Borrowing


Faircent is a marketplace where potential lenders and borrowers can register and then interact amongst themselves to strike deals on lending and borrowing.It's the same age-old concept of borrowing the money from the people from whom we know. I am talking about an era where banks existed but had limited usage. The majority of the people at that time still did not borrow … [Read more...]

BuyHatke Revolutionizes Your Online Shopping Experience


Jab Mehngai Ke Lage Jhatke, BuyHatke! This catchy line caught my attention. Further research on the topic led me to discover that it's an online shopping store that does dynamic price comparison and gets you the best prices across books, mobiles, cameras, computers, consumer electronics, home appliances, and lots more. BuyHatke promises to revolutionize your online shopping … [Read more...]

Saket Agrawal the brain behind SportsTurtle


Saket Agarwal is 24 and his email signature reads as Founder and CEO, SportsTurtle. Sounds cool! Yes, startups are New Cool like how once I thought getting hair colored red is the best thing or navel piercing is the "in" thing. Saket, a guy next door, Engineering graduate and currently in Bangalore. He loves music, movies and reading. He also enjoys playing cricket once in a … [Read more...]

Jugaad led to the birth of iRepair

iRepair India

In the college days (especially in Engineering when we suddenly aim for Nirvana) life revolves around making huge checklist which includes getting a job in Microsoft, owning a Ford, buying an iPhone and taking a bag pack trip to Europe. Well the list is endless, Engineering does not always inculcate discipline and habit of long work, handling pressures and last moment … [Read more...]

17 year boy CEO of iCazual for games development

iCazual Entertainment

iCazual Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. company is registered in United Kingdom and India. They are engaged in developing multi platform compatible games for the PC & next-gen consoles. Their core development activities are based out of Chennai. They are in the process of setting up their support bases in Europe and North America as mentioned on their website.iCazual aims at … [Read more...]

Hammer and Mop for Premium Cleanups and Professional Upkeep

Hammer and Mop

I always admire people who could actually dare to leave their studies in between and venture into the risky world of business. No Degree to boast of and still doing great. I am all for educated India; education enabling knowledge and education not acting as a barrier to the creativity of the mind. If only our parents realize that spending years in engineering and lakhs of … [Read more...]

Lessons for budding entrepreneurs from the CEO of RailsFactory


RailsFactory Inc sets a perfect example to several people out there who are confident of their skills to startup on their own irrespective of the city they reside. RailsFactory was started in Chennai in the year 2006 with $125 as initial investment. It is the brainchild of Mr. Senthil Nayagam, the epitome of the new 21st century Indian entrepreneur. His strong determination and … [Read more...]

Took a chance to start Chance Global paid off

Chance Global Solutions

Brought up in a lower middleclass family, Mohan was selling cosmetics in college days to earn extra money to support his education and his 6 member family livelihood. Now Mohan proudly owns a company Chance Global Solutions, a unique display technology company with primary focus on providing exclusive media, event and entertainment technologies to corporate organizations, … [Read more...]