Academic back-bencher planted a money tree


Vikash always wondered if this is the good time to start the company. Subsequently, he realized that there is never a bad time to launch a business.Vikash Rathee, the co-founder of PriceTree, is very passionate about his startup. He hails from a small town in Haryana. He planted this money tree (PriceTree) in July, 2014 from his rented flat in Delhi. PriceTree is a price … [Read more...]

Online shopping fascination created an entrepreneur


While people are endlessly fascinated by the magical benefits of online shopping, the cashback concept is still relatively new to the Indian market.At times, receiving your money back is too good to be true, and is often misconstrued as being the same as a discount. However, once users see that there is actual money coming back into their bank account, they become believers … [Read more...]

2 IITians transform fledgling startup into No.1 online education provider


They drive a global initiative called AskIITians which helps students improve their skills in order to succeed in JEE as well as Medical and Board examinations. We take a look at one of the Indian success stories from online education’s behemoth global program.Nishant Sinha and Aditya Singhal set out to create such a service that provides students with instant help i … [Read more...]

Discover exquisite gifts for your loved ones


Online portals selling custom-made gifts are trending now like never before. Many consumers prefer gifting from online as it saves time and myriad of options available at the click of a button. Gifts with personal touch add an extra color to special occasions.Wishpicker comes in to picture to help an average online shopper who is looking to buy a gift but has no clue about … [Read more...]

The joy of creating from scratch


Only very few people in this world experience the joy of creating something from scratch. Entrepreneurs are among them who experience it very often. Sarvesh Agrawal is one such entrepreneur, who wanted to experience that.Sarvesh started Internshala in 2011 aiming at providing meaningful internships to college students to help them make more informed career choices when they … [Read more...]

Get the right software in the first attempt


Software is supposed to help businesses run smoothly but very often it is a source of dissatisfaction and unnecessary expense. The appropriate software improves the efficiency of a business while the mismatch brings negative effect on company’s financial records. Since there are hundreds of products available in the market, it is quite difficult to pick up the right one. It is v … [Read more...]

Window shopping made easy


Here's the simple list of advantages of online shopping compared to offline shopping: saves time, saves money, saves fuel, saves energy, search products easily, compare prices easily, 24/7 access, see reviews of other users, .... the list goes on.As the list of online shopping benefits grows, it becomes no easier to shop online. Khaleel Pasha, the founder of ScrapeHere … [Read more...]

Make better buying decisions with FindYogi


Decision making is a daily activity for a human being. E-commerce portals are no exception for that. There are lots of e-commerce portals helping consumers buy products at better prices but when it comes to decision making, barely any of them are helping the consumers decide which product would be best for their use case. This problem is partially solved by salesmen at offline … [Read more...]

Roll-up your sleeves entrepreneurs lead CashKaro to no.1 cash-back site in India


Online shopping in India is catching on. Over the past few years, it has grown rapidly. Internet -savvy consumers see online shopping as an avenue of deals and discounts. To quench the thirst of these online shoppers, there are several cashback and coupons sites offering great deals, discounts, and coupons for purchases made via their websites. CashKaro works on a similar model … [Read more...]

Unveil your inventive side with Witworks


How many of us struggle with the earphone cord entanglement everyday and think there would be a solution to it? Witworks, which provides a platform for anyone to become an inventor, has created a perfect solution for earphone cord management called Rewind. Witworks develops and sells consumer products, created by its online community of users. The company’s mission is not just t … [Read more...]