A startup based on “Giving is inherent to our culture”


MyRefers was triggered by a spiritual talk on ‘Good Karmas’. As a child, Lalit was always taught about being good, kind, and helpful. While growing, he was seemingly atypical lad - calmer, more settled, and a very happy-go-lucky kid than the rest. He didn’t know then that this had any bearing to what he may start to do in future. There wasn’t a wave that swept him, it happened c … [Read more...]

Every day is a rollercoaster of hits and misses


After maternity leave, Ketaki was looking for an idea to start her own firm rather than going back to corporate life. Initial thought was toys library. But after few discussion and due diligence, she realized that there is huge untapped market for sharing economy and great opportunity for people to share their spare items with each other.Ketaki and Anubha’s families are f … [Read more...]

We want to inspire people to go out and explore

Alien Adventure

Alien Adventure was born to simplify the process involved in finding, deciding, and booking adventure travel and active holidays. They are a web platform (aggregator) for adventure travel.“The idea is to provide customers a curated and vetted list of adventure travel and sports to spend an active holiday and to simplify the process of payments,” says Ankit, a co-founder. The … [Read more...]

Freedom to stay innovative and creative

Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Contact Doctor Healthcare Pvt Ltd was started by a team of "X" generation technology and business professionals who had experienced the Internet and Mobile evolution at professional work and as consumer for the past two decades. They repotted their professional career to solve a meaningful problem and be a change catalyst.“Practical difficulties in finding an experienced a … [Read more...]

Weaving a memorable travel experience

Experience Andamans

“To do something better for Andaman Islands” feeling made Awez to start Experience Andamans.While working as a manager, his friends and colleagues often used to take suggestions from him regarding their travel plan to the Andaman Islands. He made efforts to help them and referred them to some known trip planners in Andaman. In many instances he encountered with his friends s … [Read more...]

We are confident that Voteran will become the name for politics


Knowingly or unknowingly, everyone is involved in politics. There are many people who stand for a particular view or political parties in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., but their friends hesitate to like or share the political content since it is meant for friends networking. Users cannot connect politically on such platforms.Voteran is a social … [Read more...]

We want to build a world with a better connectivity!


Hollerr lets you make free calls to your friends and family around the world! Unlike other apps it doesn’t need a phone number, no sign-ins/outs, and no requests to add people you know.Hollerr alleviates the pain of getting in touch with businesses around the world. It’s a better way as opposed to going through yellow directories or other online services to locate bus … [Read more...]

We want to be the brand that emulates the ego of a student


The notebooks industry has been the same for decades and not evolved. MyCopie is a surprising and interesting change to this constant.MyCopie is a startup that conceptualizes designs and retails notebooks for students with focus on design, value, utility, quality, and technology. Each notebook carries exclusive discount vouchers from top FMCG brands to target their … [Read more...]

An urge to change things prompted to startup

An urge to change things prompted to startup

E commerce is a growing industry, and combining it with social networking would bring it to the next level. Erizmo is an attempt to do that.India is witnessing an ecommerce rise. The big companies have millions of products but there are limited platforms to index those products according to social taste of people. What better time to combine networking into it!On Erizmo … [Read more...]

Complementary skills helped setup a firm

Complementary skills helped setup a firm

Ankit Singh and Rohit Taneja met for the first time at Harvard University at an HPAIR conference in 2012. Later on, they met again at Technion in Israel for an entrepreneurial project. Little did they know that their complementary skills would match to make MyPoolin.MyPoolin is the smartest and fastest way to collect and settle money among friends in a group. It is a safe, … [Read more...]