Faircent a fair market place for Lending and Borrowing


Faircent is a marketplace where potential lenders and borrowers can register and then interact amongst themselves to strike deals on lending and borrowing.It's the same age-old concept of borrowing the money from the people from whom we know. I am talking about an era where banks existed but had limited usage. The majority of the people at that time still did not borrow … [Read more...]

BuyHatke Revolutionizes Your Online Shopping Experience


Jab Mehngai Ke Lage Jhatke, BuyHatke! This catchy line caught my attention. Further research on the topic led me to discover that it's an online shopping store that does dynamic price comparison and gets you the best prices across books, mobiles, cameras, computers, consumer electronics, home appliances, and lots more. BuyHatke promises to revolutionize your online shopping … [Read more...]

Flurry acquired by Yahoo


Flurry is San Francisco based startup which specializes in optimizing mobile experiences for people everywhere. Flurry’s market-leading analytics software is in over 5,40,000 smart phone and tablet apps on more than 1.4 billion devices worldwide, giving the company the deepest understanding of mobile consumer behavior. Flurry is venture backed and has offices in San Francisco, N … [Read more...]

Scandid wins the regional round of Seedstars World


Pune based shopping tech startup Scandid won the regional round of Seedstars World, a global startup competition. From this win Scandid gets software products and services worth $60,000 (Rs 36 lakh) from technology companies such as Microsoft, CommonKey, Datapine, and Crazy Egg. Scandid will compete with regional winners from over 30 countries as part of Seedstars World Final … [Read more...]

From Delhi to Chile, Zomato Expands


It's not so easy to find a good restaurant around us for a fine dining. Zomato comes in with suggesting popular locations and popular cuisines in your area along with user reviews and ratings. Users can also look for Trending this Week, Romantic, Pan-Asia Delicacies, Great Breakfasts, Live Music, Business Dining, etc.Zomato is one of the most popular online restaurant … [Read more...]

India Inclusive Innovation Fund for Indian Startups

India Inclusive Innovation Fund

India Inclusive Innovation Fund is the result of key proposal emerging from National Innovation Council. This fund will act as a catalyst in the growth of enterprise, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. As stated on the council's website, the India Inclusive Innovation Fund is built on the principle that innovative enterprises can profitably and competitively engage citizens … [Read more...]

Fresh Food Delivery in Trains by TravelKhana


How many of us pack our meals when we have a train to catch? Several others simply miss their mothers fuss over the meals for the travel journey.Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia and the world's second largest under one management. Indian Railways runs around 11,000 trains everyday, of which 7,000 are passenger trains. Many of us don't like the food served … [Read more...]

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish!


He has been referred to as legendary, a futurist and a visionary, and has been described as the Father of the digital revolution, the master of innovation, the master evangelist of the digital age and the design perfectionist. Stay hungry. Stay foolish! No second guess, he is Steve Jobs."Even as a feminist, my whole life I’d been waiting for a man to love, who could love m … [Read more...]

Hike! The No. 1 App of India


Day before yesterday I got a text message stating Hey, join me on Hike! The only Indian messaging app! You can now hide your private chats from others.I thought that she was playing a prank, given the fact that how I love everything Indian but it seems no, the text message was real and Hike exists. I was living in ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. After Facebook, Twitter, and … [Read more...]

Workspot secures $6.5 million in Series A funding


Workspot is a single app and secure mobile workplace that helps end-users and IT departments conveniently separate work-related content and personal information stored on a device. Workspot has created a workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) solution for IT administrators and end users. Working inside a single, contained workspace, end-users can easily flip between applications inside … [Read more...]