An urge to change things prompted to startup

An urge to change things prompted to startupE commerce is a growing industry, and combining it with social networking would bring it to the next level. Erizmo is an attempt to do that.

India is witnessing an ecommerce rise. The big companies have millions of products but there are limited platforms to index those products according to social taste of people. What better time to combine networking into it!

On Erizmo as a user you can make your profile, save things which appeals you, tag your friends in products, and also you can upload the products yourself.

Kunal started Erizmo in June. He has just finished his graduation in pharmaceutical sciences from Kurukshetra University and has been running Erizmo for more than a year now. The company is based out of Chandigarh with one of its offices in the industrial area of Himachal.

Kunal says,

I love technology; I got my first computer when I was in 7th standard. I spent so much time and got familiar with things very early. I hacked into a friends account by reverse engineering once and since then my friends and family have been scared to login to their accounts using my system.

It was started by making money through freelancing projects and selling domain names. It grew from a merchandise store which sold around 10,000 products to what it is now. The money earned via sales from the e-commerce platform was reinvested to make the new version. The biggest expense and challenge for Erizmo has been talent hiring and marketing costs. They plan to hit a million users before they think of profits.

ErizmoConsider a friend of yours coming to you and saying ‘Hey I bought this Gucci bag and it’s awesome’. Now your probability of buying that particular product will increase to 10x and that’s what Erizmo is all about. It’s about people knowing the right thing to purchase and choose for themselves. The target audience for Erizmo is people in the age group of 19-25 (or what we like to call ‘Power Users’ as they have the power to make or break companies). They reach out to the audience through Facebook and google ads.

Kunal runs another organization by the name Henceweb. “The profits from that are used as an investment in Erizmo,” says the founder. It was an urge to change things which prompted Kunal to startup! He quotes Steve Jobs, ‘People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do’ and firmly believes that social media and e commerce put together have a big future in the market. Social discovery is a nascent market which is catching up rapidly.

Erizmo has been through ups and downs; be it in terms of tech while starting up, trying out different versions, to starting from scratch. Through all of it, this 22 year old is successfully runs 2 companies.

“In initial days, I invested in many places. Some gave me good results but some made my investment a failure. These days I am investing short amounts in every major aspect of business. Earlier we used to invest in ads a lot but now there is an equal investment in advertisement as well as in development of new features. I learned that in tech industry we really can’t focus on only one aspect. We have to optimize every aspect of business,” he says.

Kunal aims to be a change maker in the country and as a message for future entrepreneurs, he says, “Keep going on matter what. If you think things are not working even after your best efforts then don’t hesitate to pivot. Go for the funding only when you need it.”